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Do you place freelancers? Or are you a consulting company that invoices based on Time & Material? Do you have to bill project times regularly and are you juggling different purchase and sales prices? Then ZEIT.IO is just right for you!

ZEIT.IO offers a flexible approval process for project times and expenses, in which you can optionally also involve your customers. Replace your suppliers' incoming invoices with our credit note procedure and have approved project times billed automatically!

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Change needs ZEIT.IO!

Simplify your processes with ZEIT.IO

  • Uniform time recording for permanent employees, freelancers and agencies.
  • Automation of invoicing processes, through automatic outgoing invoices and credit notes after approval from the customer.
  • Controlling dashboard, billable table and various integrations with SAP, DATEV, JIRA, GitHub, etc.

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No more paperwork and Excel chaos!

14 reasons for ZEIT.IO

Contract management

Manage your employee and supplier contracts in one central location. Visible to everyone involved.


Keep control of the budget. No more overbooked projects!

Time tracking

Time tracking for permanent employees, freelancers and agencies.


Book not only times but also expenses for a project.

Approval process

The approval process can optionally be activated per employee & project.


Modern invoicing with DATEV integration.

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How it works

Four hours of time savings per freelancer per month

We outsource the approval to your customers and automate your invoicing with credit notes, automatic A/R invoices, and DATEV integration.

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How it works

ZEIT.IO is the digitization & automation of your business processes!


Set up a project

You create the project, with start and end dates, budget, members (freelancers or employees) and approvers (ideally from the end customer).


Record times

The project members not only book times, but also expenses (travel costs) to the project.


Request approval

Once the project members have booked their times and expenses, they can request approval for them. Approval can be given either by the end customer or by you as an agency.

After the timesheet is approved, the freelancer automatically receives a credit and an outgoing invoice for the customer is automatically created and sent. Credit notes and outgoing invoices are immediately transferred to DATEV and, optionally, the times can be uploaded to the customer's SAP.

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What customers say about ZEIT.IO

Jens Steffan @ MegaPart GmbH
Jens Steffan CEO @ MegaPart GmbH

With ZEIT.IO we have a platform on which we see the daily time recording of our project employees, including an approval process for our customer contacts, very well mapped. We are particularly impressed by the usability and the logic. Good ideas for the further development of the platform are gratefully accepted and implemented very well.

We were able to benefit from the introduction of ZEIT.IO in several ways: the consultants' project times are available on a daily basis, the monthly project time accounting can now be completed in no time at all and the integrated workflows mean that the process runs securely and transparently. In addition, with ZEIT.IO we can meet the legal requirements for time recording.

Thomas Stegemann @ dacuro GmbH
Thomas Stegemann CEO @ dacuro GmbH

Transparent consulting documentation and calculations for our customers and time recording for employees are combined in one tool thanks to ZEIT.IO. And when it matters, support is fast and competent. We can't imagine life without it!


ZEIT.IO can be integrated with many other systems.
The following table shows which integrations are already available.

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ZEIT.IO is developed & hosted in Germany!

The protection of your data and your privacy is very important to us! For this reason, ZEIT.IO does not use any tracking tools, for example, which track user behavior across multiple websites and transmit data to the USA. Social media buttons were also deliberately avoided. ZEIT.IO only uses “strictly necessary” cookies which are absolutely necessary for the operation of the website.

Change needs ZEIT.IO!