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GitHub integration

Robert Reiz Robert Reiz | June 02, 2023 | 15:01 UTC
ZEIT.IO serves as a comprehensive platform that enables you to efficiently oversee your team of experts, encompassing both freelancers and permanent employees. By leveraging ZEIT.IO, agencies engaging in time and material-based invoicing can streamline their business operations through digitalization. This entails managing contracts, monitoring budgets, recording time, facilitating an approval process that involves customer participation, and employing an invoicing module capable of automatically generating invoices and credit notes.

Every software developer on this planet knows GitHub. It's the most used SCM system on earth, used by millions of developers. If you have installed the ZEIT.IO Browser Extension for Chrome or Firefox, then you can track your time directly in a ticket at GitHub. If the Browser Extension is installed and you are logged into your ZEIT.IO account, then in each ticket at GitHub you will find a "Start Timer" link, like here:

GitHub integration for ZEIT.IO

By clicking on the link, the ZEIT.IO timer will be started and the link turns into a "Pause Timer" link. That way you can start and pause your time directly from the ticket you are working on. You can stop the timer by clicking on the ZEIT.IO icon, right from the address bar:

ZEIT.IO Chrome Extension

You will notice that the comment field is already pre filled with the ticket ID and ticket title. Of course you can append a personal comment from yourself and you can adjust the other fields. Most importantly, here you have to assign the time recording to a ZEIT.IO project. By clicking on "save", the time will be recorded. The time records which are created like this, are always linked to the ticket. On the ZEIT.IO homepage the ticket ID is clickable.

TimeRecords linked to a GitHub issue

If you click on the Ticket ID, in this case "#1838", then you will be redirected to the corresponding GitHub issue. And of course you can filter for the ticket ID on ZEIT.IO and see how many hours in total you spend on a ticket. 

If the ZEIT.IO project belongs to a ZEIT.IO Organisation then admins and approvers of that project can see and filter for the times, too.