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Two-Factor Authentication

Robert Reiz Robert Reiz | June 26, 2023 | 06:55 UTC
The protection of your personal data is very important to us at ZEIT.IO. That's why you can now optionally secure your account with two-factor authentication.

What is "Two Factor Authentication"

Two-factor authentication is a security technique that uses two different elements to confirm someone's identity, such as: B. a password and a one-time access code generated via a device or app. This increases the protection of accounts and data since a potential attacker would need to know both the password and the second factor to gain access.

How can I activate this for my account?

You can enable Two-Factor-Authentication for your account by going to "Settings" and then "Two-Factor-Authentication" and following the instructions there.


You have to scan the QR code once with the Google Authenticator app. As a result, the app generates a new MFA code every 30 seconds, which ZEIT.IO will request the next time you log in.