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Roadmap 2022

Robert Reiz Robert Reiz / February 18, 2022 / 09:39 UTC
2021 is now over and a new year has begun! Here is ZEIT.IO 2021 in numbers. Last year on ZEIT.IO a total of:

  • 17,079 hours booked
  • 127 expenses booked 
  • 465 projects created 
  • 1,242 Invoices created that together have a value in the tens of millions 
  • 8 credit notes generated

Here is a preview of the 2022 roadmap.

ZEIT.IO Roadmap 2022

Digital signature

Employment contracts are currently signed outside of ZEIT.IO and uploaded to ZEIT.IO as a PDF. This year ZEIT.IO will offer support for the digital signing of PDF documents. This will make it even easier to conclude employment contracts!

Vacation management / sick leave

Currently, the focus of ZEIT.IO is more on the administration of freelance employees. Permanent employees can already be mapped in ZEIT.IO, but there are still a few important functions missing for permanent employees, such as vacation management, sick leave and overtime account. These functions will be followed up this year. Permanent employees will then be able to submit vacations and a manager will be able to approve or reject them. The same function will also be available for sick leave.

Banking Support

In the invoice module, ZEIT.IO shows when an invoice is due. However, you currently have to manually mark the invoice as "paid" once the invoice has been paid. This manual step will be eliminated this year. It will soon be possible to connect your bank accounts to ZEIT.IO. ZEIT.IO will then compare the open invoices with the transactions on the bank account and will thus be able to mark invoices as paid fully automatically.

Email to mail

When an invoice has been completed, the invoice can be sent to the customer directly via ZEIT.IO. This feature is also very heavily used. However, some customers insist on receiving the invoice in printed form by mail. In this case, an employee has to print out the PDF, pack it in an envelope, frank it and take it all to the post office. This is a very time consuming process. It will soon be possible to send invoices directly via ZEIT.IO as a real letter.

Browser Extensions

There is currently a ZEIT.IO Chrome Extension with which you can book your times independently of the website. There is also very good integration for ticket systems such as JIRA, GitHub, Gitlab and Zendesk via this Chrome Extension. So you can start and stop your times directly from a ticket and the ZEIT.IO comment field is then automatically pre-assigned with the ticket number and ticket title. There will also be browser extensions for Firefox and Safari soon.

SAP Integration

ZEIT.IO has an integration for SAP ByD (Business by Design). If this is configured for a project, the activities for which employees can book, come directly from the customer's SAP system. After the approval process on ZEIT.IO, the booked times are transferred back to the customer's SAP system and marked as "approved" there as well. This integration has many advantages because, for example, double postings are completely eliminated and the solution is fully integrated with the customer's SAP system.
In the next step of the integration, orders in the customer's SAP system will be directly visible to the agency and based on an order, the agency will be able to start certain processes in ZEIT.IO, such as creating a new project and a new consultant contract. In this case, data such as runtime, hour quota and sales price come directly from the customer's SAP order.

Carerix Integration

Carerix is a recruiting software from the Netherlands that is used by many agencies around the world. This year there will be a direct integration that will make it possible to create a project and a contract in ZEIT.IO from an order in Carerix.

I would like to thank you for your trust and hope for a long-term and successful cooperation in the year 2022 and far beyond.

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