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Copy/Renew a contract

Robert Reiz Robert Reiz | August 16, 2021 | 09:43 UTC
ZEIT.IO is a platform for time recording and invoicing. An agency can not only manage its projects on ZEIT.IO, but also its employment contracts with freelancers and permanent employees. Every employee who is added to an organisation on ZEIT.IO must have a contract on ZEIT.IO.

Contracts for permanent employees are often of unlimited duration. Freelance contracts, on the other hand, always have an end date. If you employ a lot of freelancers then you often lose track of when which contracts expire and which contracts must or should be extended.

ZEIT.IO helps here by showing which contracts are about to expire. The contract overview now always shows how many contracts will expire in the current month.

Contracts overview at ZEIT.IO

The example above shows that 3 contracts will expire this month. The number in the message is of course clickable. When you click on the number, the contracts that will expire this month are displayed. Here's an example:

Contracts that will expire this month, on ZEIT.IO

With the period filter, there is also an option for contracts that expire in the next month:

Filter options for contracts at ZEIT.IO

An existing contract on ZEIT.IO can easily be extended with one click! On the far right in the "Action" column there is a "redo" icon.

Copy/Renew an existing contract at ZEIT.IO

When you click on the redo icon, a new contract is created from the existing contract. The existing contract is copied with all values. The only thing that is automatically adjusted is the contract period. The new contract begins on the date on which the old contract ended. The new end date is set 2 months in the future by default. Of course, you get the new contract displayed directly for review. Here's an example:

Contract review at ZEIT.IO

The new contract is in draft mode. Project, hourly wages, contract period, attachments, and other attributes can still be adjusted as required. If the contract details are all setup as desired, the contract can be sent to the employee with one click.

With ZEIT.IO you can keep track of your contracts and can easily extend them!

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