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Chrome Extension for time tracking

Robert Reiz Robert Reiz / December 21, 2021 / 11:55 UTC
ZEIT.IO is a platform for time recording and invoicing. Especially for agencies and experts. Time recording is a central feature of ZEIT.IO. No matter where you are on the ZEIT.IO website, the timer is always visible in the top left so that you can start and stop your time recording at any time!


That works very well, but you have to have the website open to do this. If you have many browser windows and tabs open then it is a bit tedious to always switch to the website to start or stop your time recording. That's why there is a ZEIT.IO Chrome Extension now. If this is installed then you can "pin" the extension directly into the status bar and with it you can start and stop your times anywhere, regardless of the browser tab and website.

ZEIT.IO Chrome Extension

If you click on the "Stop" icon you can complete your time recording in the extension. It will look like that:

ZEIT.IO Chrome Extension

In the final input mask it is possible to select the project and its activity. The start and stop times are visible and open for further processing. And of course you can also enter a job description here. If the selected project supports labels then you can also add one or more labels to your time recording.

With this extension you are completely independent of the website. Here is a short 3 minute YouTube video which shows the installation and usage of the extension.

Extensions for Safari and Firefox will follow soon.

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