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New invoice filter - pending

Robert Reiz Robert Reiz / 26. M├Ąrz 2021 / 07:29 UTC
Invoices at ZEIT.IO have all assigned a status. If you create a new invoice it has the status "Draft". If you finalise the invoice it changes the status to "final" and it becomes immutable. Ideally the next status of the invoice is "Paid". But other statuses like "Sent" and "Payment reminder" are possible, too! And of course you can filter your invoices by these statuses.

Since today the invoice filter has a new status you can filter for. It's called "Pending".

Example for status filter

If you filter for "Pending" invoices you get all invoices which are not in "Draft" mode and not "Paid" yet. So pretty much it shows you all the invoices which are finalised but not paid yet.