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Improved user/contracts area

Robert Reiz Robert Reiz / 29. M├Ąrz 2021 / 10:22 UTC
Until now the very first menu point inside an organisation was "contracts". Here you could see all the contracts of your organisation. That was a bit cluttered, especially if you had users with multiple contracts because there was no way to filter. That all changed now!

The very first menu point is called "Users" now and the page contains to tabs for "Users" and "Contracts". The "Users" tab contains a unique list of all users in the organisation. Here you can see very fast who has admin rights and how many contracts a user has. And you can filter the list by firstname and lastname.

Uses of an organisation

When clicking on the edit icon on the right site, a popup comes up where you can configure the user permissions for the current organisation. That looks like this one:

User permissions inside an organisation

Here you can make somebody to an orga admin. Or you can give somebody limited permissions to only customers and invoices for example. Then that person can manage the invoices for the organisation but would have no access to projects, times, expenses, and contracts. Or if you have a project manager, you could give him/her access to projects, times and expenses, but not to customers, invoices, and contracts. That way you can put together different roles very dynamically.

In the "Contracts" tab you can see all the contracts in that organisation.

Contracts in an organisation

The contracts can be filtered by first-name, last-name, category, and status. And you can see very quickly which contract offerings expired. 

All these changes are very useful, especially if you have a lot of users and contracts in your organisation. If you have more than 50 users and more than 100 contracts than you need good filter und sorting options to keep track of things.