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Generate an invoice directly from the time sheet

Robert Reiz Robert Reiz / 14. Mai 2021 / 13:39 UTC
ZEIT.IO is a time recording tool for agencies and freelancers. As an agency, you can set up projects with a budget and invite freelancers with a fixed hourly wage. Optionally, you can activate an approval process for each project and freelancer. If the approval process is activated, then the freelancer can only bill his times after they have been approved. To do this, the freelancer must submit a so-called "time sheet" which contains the times he has booked. Depending on the configuration, the time sheet is sent either to the agency or directly to the agency's customer.

Previously, after approval, the freelancer had to navigate to "Invoices" and select the project and the time period again when creating the invoice in order to finally generate the invoice. That was a little awkward! From today on you can generate the invoice directly from the time sheet. When the time sheet has been approved, a button "Invoice" appears at the bottom on the right side.

Approved Time-Sheet

If you click on it, you will be taken directly to invoicing. The form is then already pre-filled with the data from the time sheet. The following fields are then already pre-filled:

  • Service date - Is occupied on the last working day in the time sheet.
  • Project - The project from the time sheet is already selected.
  • From date - The from date is occupied by the first working day of the time sheet.
  • To date - The to date is occupied by the last working day in the time sheet.

Here an example:

Invoice form with pre filled input fields

The only thing left to choose is the customer. Then simply click on "Save" and the invoice is generated. This greatly simplifies invoicing for freelancers.

If you navigate to the time sheet again, no "Invoice" button appears, but the generated invoice:

Time-Sheet with generated invoice

This new process greatly simplifies invoicing for freelancers and avoids errors.