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Billable bar

Robert Reiz Robert Reiz | 26. Juni 2023 | 06:37 UTC
ZEIT.IO offers you a platform on which you can efficiently manage your experts (both freelancers and permanent employees). The ZEIT.IO platform enables the digitization of the business processes of agencies that bill according to the time & material principle. Features include contract management, budget monitoring, time tracking, an approval process (which can also involve your client), and an invoicing module that automatically creates invoices and credit notes.

Agencies and IT service providers are heavily dependent on the billing of their employees' working hours. This allows them to bill the customer for the hours worked. However, it is rarely possible to settle 100% of the working time with the customer, since there are always administrative tasks that cannot be directly assigned to a customer project. Nevertheless, many agencies and service providers strive for at least 80% of working hours to be billable.

There is a feature for this on ZEIT.IO, the billable bar. This means that every employee is shown in real time what proportion of the booked hours can be billed. This means that every employee can see immediately whether the personal goal for the current month has already been met or not. When the desired goal has been achieved, the bar turns green.

Billable bar at ZEIT.IO

It is of course configurable whether the billable bar should be displayed for an employee or not. The desired goal can also be configured. Not every employee can reach 80%. For certain employees, perhaps 50% is a realistic goal. The number can therefore be freely configured from 0 to 100%.

Configure the billable bar

The feature can thus be set individually for each employee.