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Dynamic fields on the invoice

Robert Reiz Robert Reiz / 01. Juni 2021 / 07:36 UTC
ZEIT.IO is a platform for digital time recording and invoicing! Organizations can not only manage their projects, including time recording, on ZEIT.IO, but also bill them and generate a proper invoice in PDF format. On the generated PDF invoice, information about the invoice can be found at the top right. Information such as:

  • Customer number
  • Invoice number 
  • Date of invoice
  • Delivery/Service date
  • Order number
  • Project number
  • Supplier number

Of course it can happen that certain customers request further information on the top right corner of the invoice. Since today it is possible to add dynamic fields. It is possible to dynamically define the label and the value behind it. The new input fields are marked in green on the invoice form:

Dynamic input fields on invoices

This means that any information can be placed on the invoice at the top right.

The newly added fields (ORG-ID AG, Maka) then appear on the PDF invoice as follows:

PDF invoice with 2 dynamic fields

This means that the area at the top right of the invoice can be adjusted as required.