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Improved time tracking

Robert Reiz Robert Reiz / 21. Mai 2021 / 09:58 UTC
ZEIT.IO is a platform for time recording and invoicing! The time recording is a feature which is used by our users daily. Now it becomes even better, with this improvements:

Pause Function

The timer was there on ZEIT.IO right from the start. You could just click the "Play" button at any time and the timer would run. When you were done with your work you could click the "Stop" button and finish your time recording. Many users use this feature on a daily basis. However, many have also asked for a break/pause function. Now it is here!

Timer at ZEIT.IO with pause function

You can pause the timer at any time with the `Pause` button. And let it run again at any time with the `Play` button. The whole thing is of course saved on the server and survives a page refresh! When you click the `Stop` button, the following dialog appears:

Record times at ZEIT.IO

This is the usual modal window. However, there is now an input field for pause. The total pause time appears here. Of course, it can be further edited here before it is finally saved.

Save & New 

You can see on the last screenshot, there are now two "Save" buttons. The "Save & Close" button contains the usual function. This creates a new time record and closes the modal window. However, some users have to enter times in retrospect and it is then suboptimal if the modal window closes after each entry. Therefore there is now a second "Save & New" button. This saves the entry and displays a success message, but does not close the modal window! The modal window remains open so that you can quickly enter further time recordings!

Keyboard shortcuts

You can now control the timer not only with the mouse, but also with the keyboard! The following keyboard combinations are available:

  • STRG + S = Starts the Timer 
  • STRG + P = Pauses the Timer 
  • STRG + E = Opens the modal window for finishing the time recording

Having your fingers on the keyboard anyway can save a lot of time.