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Hourly budget for projects

Robert Reiz Robert Reiz / 05. Mai 2021 / 11:28 UTC
Projects on ZEIT.IO always have a budget! Project members can book times and expenses for a project and thus burden the budget. ZEIT.IO ensures that the budget is not overbooked and also shows how much of the budget has already been used and how much is left.

The feedback from some customers was that they sometimes find it difficult to come up with an absolute budget. In many projects, an hourly wage is negotiated for an expert and then you only negotiate the number of hours in the project. The hourly wage multiplied by the number of hours then results in the project budget. This can of course be calculated with the calculator, but it would be another manual step and the goal of ZEIT.IO is to automate as much as possible, relieve the user and thereby increase user-friendliness! Therefore the input mask for projects has now been adjusted.

Now each project has two additional input fields. The user can set an hourly budget and the average hourly wage in the project. The budget is then automatically calculated from these two entries and pre-allocated.

Project with hour budget

The project budget is calculated in advance, but can still be adjusted. The entire budget of the project can also be higher than the hourly budget * hourly wage. This is the case, for example, if you also include a budget for travel expenses.

ZEIT.IO continues to ensure that the budget is not exceeded. ZEIT.IO also ensures that the hourly budget is not exceeded.

Project employees can click on the project in their time recording account at any time and a pop-up window shows how much of the hourly budget has already been used and how many hours are still open. Here's an example:

Remaining hourly budget in a project

This is extremely useful, especially if several freelancers are booking time on the same project. So everyone can see how many hours are left but the absolute currency budget remains hidden from the project team members. This information can only be viewed by the project admin.