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We do what we do best

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By analyzing and doing research we gain a clear understanding of our clients' needs. Be prepared, we ask a lot of questions.

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Our solutions are efficient, rock solid, scalable and maintainable. We iterate continously to offer you the best possible software.

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We use the best technologies to develop modern, fast, clean and secure code. This makes your internal developers happy.

Meet our Team

We share the same goal of crafting beautiful digital solutions for clients across all platforms.

Cost & Value

Our portfolio is diverse but we are best fit for rapid prototypes and large complex software. With our startup background we are extremely good at evaluating ideas and squeezing the most out of a very small budget. With fast iterations you have an amazing product to start your business with.

We appreciate complex software as it allows us to make full use of our skills. Furthermore longer projects allow us developers to focus a lot more, resulting in high productivity. The projects we accept run from a few months to several years with a budget of 25k€ up to over 750k€.

There is nothing more expensive in IT than cheap labor.

A wise person

Some project ballpark figures

€ 20k - 50k
Minimum viable product.
€ 50k - 75k
Simple mobile or web app (few 100% awesome features)
€ 75k - 200k
Mobile App that works with a fully fledged web app.
€ 150k - 300k
Full-featured web or mobile app that leaves no feature out.
€ 250k+
Complex holy grail software. Highly scalable fully tested. It's a beast.

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Can we offer our expertise? Have an awesome idea? Interested in some references? Contact us!

About was founded in 2014 by a team of software developers. We have been working on our own projects before and decided to group up and build an awesome company fueled only by the brightest like-minded engineers. By surrounding us with talent we stay up to date on latest technologies and best practices. Ever since we are a constantly growing never losing track of our ultimate objective - providing awesome software with the best possible technologies.

When working on your project we always try to understand the requirements as good as possible. We suggest a cost efficient way to build your software powered by battle approved components. With our background we are good at building critical applications that permit no errors and require superior performance. Nonetheless we can also build awesome looking landingpages that generate you more sales.

After all our team feels more like a family that enjoys working with each other and sharing cool technlogies. When you are interested in our services we would gladly take your call or visit!

Contact us

13, 21075 Hamburg

Call us on +49 1523 3587 203