Time tracking

Time tracking has never been easier. Just let the stopwatch run. Breaks can be recorded with a mouse click. Only when you stop the time you have to decide on which project you want to book it. You can either book on your own projects or on cooperation projects to which you have been invited to.

As a contractor, you can also see directly what you have earned so far. You can also export your recorded times as a PDF or CSV at any time.

You don't want to use the automatic start-stop? No problem! There is a second input option. There is a form for entering times in bulk. Here you can easily record the number of hours per project / activity. This is also very suitable for recording times in retrospect.


For Organizations

As an organization, you can view the booked times of your employees at any time. You can also filter the times by various criteria such as employee, project, activity, label, comment and period. In addition, you always see the purcahse and sales price and your margin.

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